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We are the world's leading eCommerce business plan writers and eCommerce startup consulting company.
We offer a wide range of services dedicated to eCommerce startups.

Consulting Services

We are one of the world’s leading e-commerce business planning and eCommerce startup consultancy firms.

Technology services

A large portion of an e-commerce business venture’s success depends on how it is visually represented online.

Marketing & Design

All successful marketing campaigns need to be complemented with attractive designs and stunning visuals.


We are one of the world’s leading e-commerce business consultancy firms. Our consulting services cover all the components of an e-business model. Our consultancy services are divided into multiple components including business planning, feasibility study, market research etc.


E-commerce Business Planning

Your e-commerce business idea needs to be accurately documented in a perfect business plan. It is the framework of how you plan to capture a share of the market. A structured plan is not only the building blocks for your business but critical for attracting investors. For our team of exceptional business plan writers, creating a perfect plan is not just a job, but a promise to all our clients. Our business plans are meticulous, customized, and created with all the elements that make it stand out from the rest. Be it by categories (B2B, B2C, C2C), by goods, (physical, digital, and services) or by supply chain method (drop shipping, warehousing) – we cater to every structure, based on your specific requirements. Our plans focus on the problem and offer a potential solution applicable to your e-commerce business. Our market research identifies the demand component, a strategy framework offers ways to address the demand, marketing plan suggests ways to reach out, and financial forecasts mas the potential cost and returns of the business. All sections of our business plans are seamlessly integrated and can combat most of the queries raised by potential business partners, industry experts, or investors.


E-commerce Investor Deck / Presentation

A majority of e-commerce start-up businesses require funding but do not know where to go or how to identify investors. As an entrepreneur, you never know if the next person you meet is a potential investor, with the power to influence your startup. You should be prepared with a perfect pitch to communicate your business idea effortlessly, at any given moment. Let us handle this for you. Together, we will create a perfect investor deck that delivers your company’s message effectively. Be it business loans, grants, angel investment, venture capital, crowdfunding, or investments from friends and family, Ecommerce Business Plan will help you communicate your story with an exceptional investor deck. Needless to say, with investors, customers, or partners – you only get one chance! You must make it a good one.


E-commerce Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility analysis is extremely essential for determining the viability of a business venture. Hence this study should ideally precede any other development in the business project. At Ecommerce Business Plan, we offer a comprehensive feasibility study to investigate the key factors of your business. Our analysis will help you to assess and make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the business and the respective risks. Our business consultants analyze key factors like market feasibility (the target market), operational feasibility (details of operations and management), and financial feasibility (financial data analysis) to explore the scope of the business. The clients can have a thorough understanding of the risks and viability of their business before committing resources, time, or budget.


E-commerce Market Research

As a potential e-commerce entrepreneur, you already have an understanding of your customer profile, needs, and pain points. But to gain success and reduce the risk substantially, an endorsement of these assumptions is extremely important. This is where thorough market research comes in. Our e-commerce business teams use front-end tools and technology while gathering systematic research data. Specifically, information and research on the factors that influence buying decisions. It also involves learning about competition, products, pricing, functionality, and innovation. It sets the groundwork for understanding the business potential.


E-commerce Marketing Plans

With a business that is entirely on the internet, one has to be smart and diverse with marketing plans. Our marketing consultants offer creative approaches to your business. In a competitive and constantly changing environment, we are always up to date with the latest algorithms in the e-commerce marketing world. Accordingly, our plans contain competitive but creative strategies to maximize return on ad spend. It aims to convert the top funnel traffic into sales and customers. From relying on organic traffic and SEO to using Facebook/Instagram or Google ads to drive targeted traffic, we mix and match paid and non-paid campaigns, on and off the internet, to figure out what converts into paying customers. We also use email marketing, affiliate, and referral marketing, and paid searches. Our experts have a thorough understanding of media buying and offline advertising. With such a wide variety of marketing tactics, we ensure the optimal distribution of your business products and advertising budget.


A large portion of an e-commerce business venture's success depends on how it is visually represented online. At Ecommerce Business Plan, we offer results-driven digital solutions through a combination of contemporary website design techniques, custom website development services, intelligent, creative marketing strategies, and integrated SEO services. In this age of short-lived attention span, a first good impression always ensures returning and loyal customers. Consequently, this leads to increased footfall and sales. Therefore, an out of the box, and attractive website design or a mobile app always tops the list in innovation. They engage the customers and improve user experience. Here are a few examples:


E-commerce Website Development

We are the leaders when it comes to creating beautifully crafted, customer-friendly websites. Our technology development team will create websites with amazing user-experience and customer engagement to help grow your e-commerce business. Be it hosting, security, or design- the team will take care of every element with remarkable expertise. We accommodate both transportable and downloadable products, along with digital media like music and movies. Easy check out processes, social handles, great product images and videos, upselling, cross-selling, convenient filtering, and navigation are the business-friendly services we offer while developing a website. Online sales have unfortunately opened the gateway for fraud and scams. With our e-commerce websites and mobile apps, we guarantee top-of-the-line site protection and payment security to keep your online marketplace as safe as possible. E-commerce websites developed by us are truly responsive, scalable, and agile, offering your business unmatched flexibility.


E-commerce Mobile App Development

With a large number of people using their mobiles, iPads, and other handheld devices for their retail or digital shopping needs, mobile computing has become a decisive battleground for e-commerce successes. Especially for B2C e-commerce, mobile applications are increasingly popular. Developing separate mobile apps have become the need of the hour. Our development team and tech experts at Ecommerce Business Plan use the latest technologies to build fast and secure mobile applications. With efficient UI design, we offer a seamless user experience, while the technology architecture offers scalability, security, and customization. Easy on-boarding, responsive designs, efficient product navigation, and organized filtering, are some of our feature offerings. We put together the best of our skills to ensure a world-class mobile app experience for your customers.


E-commerce Inventory Management Software

Every e-commerce business demands an efficient software system to automate the entire inventory and order management process. This includes tracking inventory, order, sales, and delivery to improve visibility into your supply chain. With our selected software, you can track and sync your products easily across platforms in real-time. Notifications to inform on low inventory levels and new procurement requirements with SKU mapping are part of our customized application. With a deep understanding of the e-commerce industry, our cutting-edge inventory management software is sure to become a very powerful tool. It will help make your business methodical, process-oriented, and offer transparent insights into its operations. For more details on the inventory management software implementation methodology, please contact us.


E-commerce Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateways are perhaps the most important component, after all, it is the bank of your business. We seamlessly integrate secured payment gateways into your website and mobile application, to ensure that you do not lose out on any transaction by an interested customer. Often customers back away from purchasing because they don’t trust the payment system, or the payment options do not suit them. High shipping charges and unclear tax details also result in abandoned shopping carts during checkouts. Our integrated payment gateways, with minimal load time, protect your customers and you against fraud and tricksters on the internet. With the help of professionals at Ecommerce Business Plan, you can fend off attacks by hackers and avoid theft in real-time, providing a buffer of encryption between buyer and seller. For more details on the payment gateway integration implementation methodology, please contact us.



E-commerce Logo & Corporate Identity Design

Developing a corporate identity is always tied to your brand guidelines. It includes elements through which you present your brand to customers across all platforms. Starting with a logo, every corporate design should be standardized and identifiable with your business and what it stands for. A logo is your face in the virtual world. Hence it is extremely important to make an impact. Our graphics team is creative, experienced, and will create a unique logo that matches, complements, and enhances your brand. They are always simple and yet visually impactful. The corporate designs we create also have a universal appeal and are underpinned by best practice branding guidelines. It can be shaped and modified as per your marketing needs and easily implemented to your business theme. For example, in product designs, public relations messages, or advertising, your brand image will be recognizable due to its strong corporate identity. This creates a lasting impression for the customers. Logo and corporate identity designing activities are carried out by our dedicated presentation design firm PresentationGFX.


E-commerce Digital Marketing Services

Your customers are online! Digital Marketing, is an excellent cost-effective way to reach a global marketplace. If customers cannot find you online, they will go to your competitors’ site. Therefore, you need to have integrated digital marketing strategies, to compliment other ad-campaigns. Our marketing team will create impactful, perfectly timed digital marketing campaigns across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Apart from social media, our services also include data-driven search engine optimization solutions, search advertising like Google AdWords, paid searches, and Email Marketing. Needless to say, every digital media campaign will help grow your online sales. In today’s internet age, completely shaped by social media, the power of digital marketing to increase sales is immense. A correctly timed, well thought out digital marketing campaign can change your business fortunes. Let us do that for you.


E-commerce Graphic Design Services

With our stunning designs, your brand is surely going to be noticed, recognized, and remembered. We help in strategizing your brand, by incorporating your company’s vision, values, and voice through powerful visual representations. Our design services include unique logo designs, banners, e-brochures, stylish typography through effective use of brand colors, among other components. Our graphic designers amalgamate the perfect blend of professionalism and personal care that gives clients a sense of belonging and trust. Our designs are conversion-driven and will make your customers feel like they are a part of your brand community. This will help improve retention and increase revenues. Our trendy, exclusive, branding, and design services are done with the help of our design wing PresentationGFX.


E-commerce Web Analytics

When your entire business is online, your performance measure becomes heavily dependent on web analytics. Our proficient e-commerce analytics team makes this process easy and accurate for you. We analyze every detail, including page views and the number of people visiting the website. We also measure site traffic and popularity trends. Customers may end up on your website through numerous routes, including search engine results, popup ads, or links from social media sites. But to evaluate and understand what’s effective, we track all of it. With our web analytics team working for you, this can be done effortlessly.

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